Why Aged People Choose Community Living

Better medical care

The state has made a concerted effort to provide quality and lower cost medical treatments for all patients.

Rich culture and traditions

Kerala has a great cultural heritage. The culture of Kerala is a part of both Indian and Dravidian culture.

Religious harmony

Kerala has a unique record in India for the harmonious coexistence of diverse religions.

Superior transportation

Public transport system is the best indicator of superior transport facilities in Kerala.

Moderate climate

Kerala is blessed with moderate and balanced climate throughout the year in all regions.

Aged Community Living

Living with peers offers friendship, companionship and a sense of community.


We are located at Kuttikkal, a serene tranquil village of Pampady. 18 kilometres east of Kottayam in Kerala, Southern india.


Fully furnished apartments with single or double occupancy, premium services and amenities arranged at a highly competitive price.


Apartment includes living area, bathroom, bedroom, and small kitchenette, customers have the choice to rent or buy apartment/ services.


Intended for those who are physically challenged and need assistance with daily activities; meals supply and medical assistance as needed.

Our Facilities

We have 2.26 Acres of Land with gated compound and 60 spacious well furnished residential units with landscape garden and walk ways. WiFi internet available inside the compund.

We offer wide range of services at little or no cost.We provide better medical care by doctors on call, nurses on site. And we are blessed with the availability of trained and educated caregivers. We arranged daily housekeeping and laundry services for you always. Also provide superior transportation facilities and airport services to pick up or drop off.

Super Shopping Store
Ayurvedic Treatment
Organic Farming
Worship center
Entertainment hall
Physical healing and meditation

Ideal Hospitality

Kuttikkal is a beautiful place, having a serene atmosphere ideal for senior citizens to stay and dine. Famous for the Mgdm hospital one of the oldest multispeciality community referral hospitals in Kerala. The first Self Finance Nursing College in private secto in Kerala, Theophilis College of Nursing is also situated in Kangazha. The Govt Taluk Hospital is located near Alampally. There are many clinics and ayurvedic dispensaries are also functioning in Pampady. Mercy Nursing Home is located at Karukachal, a 75 bedded multi speciality hospital is 5km away from the property.

Organic Farming

There is lot of organic farms near our place. So fresh fruits and vegetables are easly available. Organic food contributes to better health through reduced pesticide exposure for all and increased nutritional quality. And there is a facility for vegetable farming for those who are intrsted in farming.

Ayurvedic Treatment

One of the famous 100 bedded Ayurveda hospital and Research center in kerala is located in Pampady and many other ayurveda dispensaries are also functioning in pampady. All ayurvedic treatments like kizhi, uzhichil, pizhichil, dhara ect are available there. Well trained doctors and panchakarmist are available there.

Entertainment hall

We make our residents to feel that they are not alone. We arrange various entertainment and social events to keep them engaged. For their entertainments common tv room, library, restaurant, open party hall, and common dining area facilities are arranged.

Super store

Super stores and shopping malls are very near to this apartments. Delivery service also available.

Physical Healing and Meditation

Yoga trainers, fitness programmes and health camps are available. Cycle/jogging tracks facilities are arranged. Activity centers and recreation clubs are there.

Available Services



Our Company e-Brochure, available here as a pdf to download, gives some further information about our available facilities and the high standards of services which we are providing.


South pampady, Kottayam


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+91 93 87 386978

Email Contact

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